Psychological and neuropsychological assessment

For 25 years, Dr. Kaufman has been working with clients of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances to understand and cope better with their social and emotional distress. In addition to offering psychotherapy for individuals and couples, he specializes in clarifying and understanding the nature of learning and other cognitive and developmental disorders. This includes analysis of the complex interplay between emotional and cognitive conditions. In his work with children, Dr. Kaufman offers parents guidance and specific recommendations for improving children’s social and academic functioning.

Evaluations include diagnosis and development of treatment/intervention plans for:

  • Learning and other developmental disorders: specific learning disorders; non-verbal learning disorder (NLD); other information processing disorders; AD/HD and other disorders of executive functioning; traumatic brain injury (TBI); effects of stroke and other medical conditions; dementia.
  • Psychological distress such as: depression; bipolar disorder; Post-traumatic stress disorder; anxiety disorders; obsessive compulsive disorders; social phobia; acute stress disorders.
  • Application for accommodations in school and on standardized testing
  • Application for gifted programs

Each assessment is tailored to the specific questions clients and professionals need addressed. Evaluations typically include:

  • Comprehensive intake interview;
  • One-on-one assessment sessions, using tests designed to answer specific referral questions;
  • Completion of questionnaires by parents and/or children;
  • Consultation with treating professionals, teachers, tutors, etc.
  • A written report that includes all data, data analysis and interpretation; diagnosis; disability status; detailed treatment/intervention plan; additional recommended resources;
  • And a feedback meeting with the individual tested in which the test results and recommendations can be discussed and explored with Dr. Kaufman. When children are assessed, not only do parents review all results, but Dr. Kaufman will provide feedback directly to the child at a developmental level that the child can understand.